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At Windsor E Recycling, our goal is to create a more sustainable world by providing a responsible recycling solution to your growing electronic waste (e-waste) problem. Our solution answers: what is the right thing to do with my old TV, computer, mobile phone, or tablet?

By breaking down and recycling electronics properly, you can make a difference and prevent electronics from polluting the environment and poisoning local and global communities.

Imagine you are spring cleaning and throw your old computer tower or iPad into the garbage. While it’s always great to get rid of clutter, you may be causing more damage than you know. Often this electronic waste goes to a local landfill. It may be deposited into a mountain which actually becomes acidic garbage. Over time, its deterioration leaks heavy metals into the landfill. When the landfill lining breaches, these heavy metals can find their way into the ground, and the water that we drink. Even if your old electronic is incinerated, think of the resulting toxins released into the air.

By recycling e-waste properly, we may eventually save the environment, ourselves, and generations to come. Your choices today make a difference for tomorrow.

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